Channel letters

Channel letters

Channel letters also known as illuminated letters differ from light boxes because every letter and symbol is made separately. Being illuminated, makes them stand out in the night time and the volumetric design catches eye during the daytime.

Illuminated letters are the perfect solution to bring out your company in the cityscape, and since most of the time it is quite dark in Estonia there is no way to overestimate the importance of illuminated advertising.

Energy efficiency of illuminated advertising

We use Samsung LEDs to produce our illuminated advertising. They are of the highest quality and offer bright and balanced lighting while maintaining the highest level of energy efficiency.

Most common illuminated advertising manufactured by us (3m²) uses around 70W of energy, which is comparable to your regular living room lamp.

Cost of illuminated advertising

Cost of channel letters depends on few different things. It mostly depends on the complexity of the task. Illuminated letters are handcrafted which means that simple designs which are easier to execute and require less time, are always cheaper. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that smaller letters are not always cheaper, because they require more time to manufacture than medium or large sized letters and logos.

Last but not least, installing the letters differs in price. Mounting a sign on eye-level can be done quickly and it is quite reasonably priced, on the other hand installing it on a top of a skyscraper would require special equipment and become a lot more pricey.

Channel Letters with front illumination

One of the possibilities to illuminate channel letters is to light up the front side of the letters, which gives it a crisp and detailed look for your logo and company name even from longer distances.

Also, it gives you an opportunity to create the exact copy of your logo.

Channel letters with illumination in the back

This method means that letters are brought in front, and the lighting is directed backwards, behind the letters.

It is the ideal solution for when the advertisement is indoors or if your company logo is in darker colours and the façade of the building is in light colours.

However, this solution works perfectly outdoors as well.


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