Illuminated boxes


Unlike channel letters, light boxes come in one piece, and they can be produced in various sizes, starting with small ones and going all the way to large and outstanding in size.

A light box is excellent advertising choice when the logo of the company is full of tiny details, that are hard if not impossible to achieve in illuminated letters.

Light boxes are produced with one or both of the sides illuminated.

Also, it takes a lot less time to produce light boxes than it would take to make channel letters.

Energy efficiency of the light box

We use Samsung LEDs, which are very economical while maintaining strong and balanced light.

Cost of Light Box

Two main aspects influence the price of the light box. The first one is the size of the light box and the second one is the materials used for production. After that, you have to consider that the price of installation depends on the accessibility of the area, where the light box will be mounted.

One-sided light box

One-sided light boxes

The one-sided light box is ideal for advertising if your logo can be seen from one side only. The backside of the box is mounted against a wall or a façade of a building.

Two-sided light box

Two-sided light boxes

Two-sided light boxes are better for places, where your potential clients can come from two directions. It helps you to catch the attention of potential customers, and if they did not notice the advertisement on the first glimpse, they can simply turn around and look at it again.

Volumetric light box

Volumetric light boxes

When you are looking for advertising that stands out from the crowd, you should consider getting a volumetric light box. Your company logo and name are illuminated and volumetric and coming forward from the rest of the box. This kind of box is sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

Most of all, they are used in shopping centers above the doors


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