Channel Letters/illuminated letters are standalone illuminated letters or a logo, which is first and foremost meant to be placed on the facade of a building.

Channel letters are the best solution for companies who are trying to stand out not only during the daylight but in the night as well.
There are many different Solutions when it comes to channel letters. They can be illuminated from the front, or the lighting can be directed behind the letters.


Light boxes/illuminated boxes are undoubtedly one of the most popular choices when it comes to illuminated advertising. It is the perfect solution when it comes to designs or logos, which are hard if not impossible to do as illuminated letters.

Illuminated boxes are placed on the wall facing outwards or sideways. The box is illuminated from one or both sides depending on your taste and wishes.


In addition to illuminated advertising, we are also producing different logos, which are not illuminated. These logos are suitable for both outdoor and indoors, especially when the location is already bright.

We decide which materials to use depending on the area, where the logo is going and make sure it fits perfectly.

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Delivery to your home or office. We deliver all around Europe in just a few days
Three years Warranty
We offer three years warranty on all of our illuminated advertisements.
Best Value
If someone makes a better offer than us, let us know. We are sure we can find a better deal for you.
Energy Efficiency
We use energy efficient leds produced by Samsung or LG.


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